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Hummel figurines were first made commercially available. Subtle variations have been noted, but the illustration to the left is all you need to identify the trademark. Those subtle differences are of no important significance to the collector. The letters WG below the crown in the mark are the initials of William Goebel, one of the founders of the company. The crown signifies his loyalty to the imperial family of Germany at the time of the mark’s design, around The mark is sometimes found in an incised circle. Hummel items, but the differences between them are not considered particularly significant. They will be detailed as a matter of interest.

Hummel Marks & Trademarks Reference Guide – Date and Authenticate Your Hummel Figurine

Hummel refers the wonderful creative works of Berta Hummel born in Germany in She loved sketching and in was enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich where she begain painting in oils. Being deeply religious, she entered the convent and was ordained Sister Maria Innocentia. She died of tuberculosis Nov.

Germany Goebel Figures with the TMK-5, 5th Bee Mark, dating these between They are both labeled with a silver sticker on the bottom. Darling two​.

This makes it possible to tell the age of each piece of porcelain by Royal Copenhagen. The Royal Copenhagen trademarks shown below were used on porcelain and fine china with blue under glazed decorations. Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates, figurines and some porcelain sets. From the wavy lines were painted by hand, but in the ‘s Royal Copenhagen began to stamp and glaze the trademark. Since Royal Copenhagen have added a small line in the trademark on almost every single piece of porcelain.

This small line indicates which year the item has been produced. See the sketch below to learn what the year of production is on Royal Copenhagen porcelain items:. Items in stock are normally shipped immediately within business days.

Dating a Goebel Figurine (NOT Hummel) Unmarked – without a trademark

German china has been desired by collectors for nearly three centuries. While it can take a lifetime to learn about china made in Germany, beginning with the basics will help you understand how to recognize and evaluate individual pieces. First of all, the terms china and porcelain are used interchangeably.

The ceramic’s formula was a closely guarded secret for more than years, and only Chinese workshops produced and exported it. In , Johann Friedrich Bottger , a German alchemist, stumbled across the secret for making hard paste porcelain.

Hummel/Goebel TMK (trademark) Backstamp Dating Guide: If you need a price, click All these marks should be treated as TMK1 (or Crown) marks. uszones.

For your enjoyment only. This is my own personal vintage dog figurine collection. They are not for sale. I have been collecting dog figurines for many years now. By far the ones made by Goebel are my absolute favorites. There is just something about them. Perhaps it’s their deep colors or the way most of them look so realistic. Looking at them makes me smile.

Dating Hummel #20 Prayer Before Battle

On this page we’ve listed backstamp dating guides for many brands we deal in. If you are looking for Lladro, for example, type that in the box and it will bring you to the spot on the page. We try very hard to give credit to site’s information that we show, but occasionally our buyers send us information, so if there is anything that needs to be linked, just let us know! If you need a price, click here to purchase our Realistic Hummel Price Guide.

Many variations exist for this stamp, but all were marked “US Zone,” signifying that the figurines were made in the occupied zone of Germany. All these marks should be treated as TMK1 or Crown marks.

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Rare W. Germany Hummel Goebel Munich Monk Children Salt Pepper Shakers TMK-5 Bee Mark

Welcome to The Prudent Collector where we we have prepared a guide showing you how to date and authenticate your Hummel figurines according to their trademark stamps. A Hummel figurine can be dated by the marking or trademark on the underside of its base. This mark is also referred to as the backstamp, stamp, or figure. This is very important as Hummel values are determined by age as well as scarcity.

Majolica Marks | Glazed and Confused: Majolica Pottery Marks: Minton Date Codes. Mickey MyersMajolica Plates and Platters · Creative Marks, Logos, Icons,​.

When they were first created the figurine series designation or mold numbers had not yet been set up. When the Convent and Sister Hummel made the historic contract with Franz Goebel, it was agreed that her signature, her personal stamp of approval, would appear on every piece. It still does so today and the only exception is if figurines are without bases or do not have any adequate surface to display the signature.

On the earliest figurines, it was incised on the bottom of the base. Between and the company occasionally used a C inside a circle beside a W within a G mark, this was stamped or incised on the edge of the base. In Goebel paid tribute to Sister Hummel and the trademark was changed to a bee flying high within a V. This new mark was called the Full Bee and was used until There are twelve variations of the Bee mark to be found on Goebel-produced M. Hummel items, but the differences between them are not considered particularly significant.

The mark evolved over almost twenty years until the company began to modernize it.

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Hummel figurines is short, and well-known by most porcelain collectors: Franz Goebel, of W. Goebel quickly signed an agreement to produce porcelain figurines based on her artwork, and introduced the first M. Hummel figurines in

From the first figurine in until the following 3 trademarks were used. These are referred to as the Crown Marks and are Trademark 1 or TMK The.

Many times a figurine figurine will have a date from the previous trademark on it this is when the figurine was made. The finally trademark was not put on the figurine until it had been painted. When determining the age we use the latest mark. Which would be the taylor swift secretly dating harry styles 5 in this case. I have 34 Boy hummels with bird.

Hummels is signed on rim dating ash tray Next to hummel Boy sitting. Has a blue V with a bee on the back. Has 07 ingraved into hummels as well as. It says Germany and has small black 5 on the bottom as well. What does the 5 mean? What does hummels 07 mean?

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Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. Doughnut base with clear marks for the period. In good condition, with no chips or cracks, although there has been a professional repair to the feather on the boy’s hat.

It is true that Hummel porcelain figurines were manufactured by Goebel in Many made of fired clay have been found in Europe that date to , BC, and.

The MI Hummel Signature is incised on the top of the base. On the underside of the base the 20 is incised. There is something else incised on the base, but I am unable to identify the mark. I’ve checked some of Ithe price guides and many on line sites but have not seen this particular figurine explained. Skip to main content. I would like to have the age of this piece verified and any other information about its history. Thank you. Distinguishing marks:. Date Period:. Size and dimensions of this item:.

I believe it to be a very early Hummel, possibly pre WW2. I think this piece was only offered as an export at this time. For Sale?

List of Hummel Figurines & Marks

There seems to be more confusion to this than what I had thought. Berta Hummels are manufactured in the Far East under the strict supervision of Goebel. They are made of bisque porcelain. Because of this they are able to bring these Hummels to you at reduced prices.

Distinguishing marks: incised 20, incised MI Hummel signature, black stamped GERMANY. Date Period: ?

Hummel Figurines have been a part of many peoples lives over the year. Boys and girls doing everyday duties from picking apples to delivering letters. Now you may want to find out the age of the Hummel Figurine you remember so fondly. If you are looking for a Hummel value chart then read the M. To find out how old your Hummel is look on the underside of your Hummel Figurine and find the Goebel stamp or makers mark.

This mark is the official trademark of Goebel. The look of the trademark has varied since

Kurt Hummel

Hummel figurines were a result of a collaboration between ceramicist Franz Goebel and Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, whose holiday cards featuring small children caught Goebel’s eye in a Munich religious art shop. They made their first appearance at the March Leipzig Trade Fair and were a success with American businessmen. During World War II, Goebel turned to making insulators and mess-hall dinnerware, but in the ’50s the figurines once again found their way into cabinets around the world.

Figurines are identified by an incised HUM number on the base.

Your Hummel figurines should have a trademark stamp and number on the bottom of them. The trademark stamp is how you date the Hummel.

You’ve definitely seen them, and you probably know someone who collects them, but most people don’t know Hummel figurines by name. They’re the creation of Berta Hummel, a Bavarian nun who joined a Franciscan convent in A talented artist, Hummel spent many days painting images of jolly children, and her sisters encouraged her to sell the adorable art. When a potting company owner stumbled across her work, he was smitten right away, and began to produce ceramic figures inspired by Hummel’s paintings.

The collectible statues became an overnight sensation in Germany, and dozens of designs were made before World War 2 cut production short. After the war, and Hummel’s death in , production of the figurines started again. American GIs brought them home as souvenirs, and the rest is history.

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